Publisher Support

We put our team of client relations managers, catalog, advertising and marketing specialists in your corner to cultivate growth and success in the marketplace.

Client Advocates

We offer consistent and focused support for publishers on a day-to-day basis, for every aspect of our relationship.

Meet Your Client Relations Manager

PGW’s Client Relations Managers are our publishers’ greatest and most reliable ally outside of their own office.

Our Client Relations Managers are highly-involved and motivated publisher advocates and consultants, knowledgeable on a wide range of topics from packaging and pricing to marketing plans and sales analysis.

Metadata Management

We help publishers move forward with conviction and focus, ensuring that all your marketplace data, including new seasonal title information, is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Meet Your Metadata Manager

Seize every book sales opportunity with confidence.

Our staff works closely with publishers to ensure comprehensive metadata is distributed efficiently and accurately to the marketplace – a crucial aspect of bookselling success.

Marketing Services

Double your marketing support.

Access to publisher marketing tools that take the heavy lifting out of promoting your books like:

  • Email marketing client - Emma
  • Landing page generator
  • Digital advance reading copy distribution
  • And more

Get preferential pricing in Ingram’s monthly, bi-monthly, and seasonal Advance catalogs, plus other promotional opportunities and discounted trade advertising.

Marketing team support helps distributed publishers connect to more customers through customized campaigns.

Ready to reach more readers and sell more books

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