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A Likkle Miss Lou

“The poet Louise Bennett Coverley (1919–2006), a seminal figure of the Caribbean diaspora, is portrayed as a child who loves the melodious and creative lilt of Jamaican patois, the dialect her mother and neighbors speak to each other…Bright illustrations in creamily vivid color by Fernandes capture the richness of life reflected in the language”
- Publishers Weekly Read More


"For a raunchier yet no less incisive take on the intricacies of gay sex, romance and search for community, Alex Espinoza’s “Cruising: An Intimate History of a Radical Pastime” takes readers on an inspired, greatest-hits tour of public bathrooms, bathhouses and wooded areas in cities the world over to reveal the scintillating backstory of anonymous gay sex and its evolution."-The San Francisco Chronicle Read More

Faber & Faber

"The persistence of Faber & Faber, which is now celebrating ninety years as an independent publisher, makes for a remarkable case study. …The Faber story certainly speaks volumes about the mix of passion, shrewdness, and luck that it takes to keep such an operation afloat." - The New Yorker Read More

In the Country of Women

“Certain books give off the sense that you won’t want them to end, so splendid the writing, so lyrical the stories. Such is the case with Southern California novelist Susan Straight’s new memoir, In the Country of Women . . . Her vibrant pages are filled with people of churned-together blood culled from scattered immigrants and native peoples, indomitable women and their babies. Yet they never succumb . . . Straight gives us permission to remember what went before with passion and attachment.” - Los Angeles Times Read More

Training for the Uphill Athlete

"I asked Scott Johnston, a mountain climber and coach, for some advice — for both me, and for runners who might be training for hilly marathons but live in places that he calls “vertically challenged." - The New York Times Read More

Late Migrations

"What enraptures me is the way the book itself unfurls, moving back and forth across time, from metaphor to story to truth." - The Rumpus Read More

No Friend of the Mountain

"No Friend but the Mountains won two prestigious prizes at the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. But it deserves, and will have, a much wider readership. As a detailed reading of colonial power, Boochani’s book charts a global landscape of fortified borders, spaces of removal, and policies of dehumanization." - Los Angeles Review of Books Read More

The Cuban Comedy

"A bleak fable that honors the poetic spirit, recognizing lyricism and metaphor as dangerous tools of defiance." - Kirkus Review Read More