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Publishers Group West® (PGW) provides publishers with extensive online resources including title information management, inventory, order and sales reporting, copywriter review, catalog previews, reference materials, and technical support through Helix. The Helix interface provides quick and easy access to live title information and allows title entry and updates in preparation for each publication season. It also allows the uploading of cover art for distribution to accounts, as well as the posting of marketing copy, publisher catalog copy, and consumer copy.

Publisher Updates
PGW® provides regular news announcements and updated information about our operational processes, technical specifications, and title information requirements. Publishers should check these announcements on a regular basis to keep up with what is happening at PGW.

Technical Support
PGW provides downloadable documents specifically for client publishers to easily learn catalog processes and title information requirements. Instead of having to speak to a customer service representative, publishers can now get the most out of the services PGW offers through online documentation.

The catalog department represents one of PGW’s most effective organizing tools. Each season the catalog department coordinates all new seasonal titles and manages the production of the primary PGW catalog along with various seasonal subject catalogs. The Publisher Portal allows publishers to edit and preview title information prior to publication.

Through the publisher portal, PGW delivers searchable title and sales information to client publishers online, along with month-to-date and year-to-date activity. PGW continually expands on existing reporting services that allow for analysis, flexibility, and data extraction to Excel.

Marketing & Publicity
The marketing department at PGW is designed as the hub of activity for a client publisher’s day-to-day needs. With primary publisher relations divided between five account managers, publishers receive the focused time and attention they need to help them run their businesses. Account managers act as consultants and advocates to the publisher clients. They advise publishers on topics ranging from packaging and pricing issues to marketing plans and sales trend analysis. They also work closely with the sales department and its various divisions to assist them in the overall sales process.