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PGW sets the standard for integrated, full-service distribution, providing independent publishers with essential tools and unmatched support from experienced, creative, and enthusiastic book experts.

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A track record of success—Cold Mountain, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, The Power of Now, among many others.

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Some of the smartest people in the business with extensive category and market expertise.

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Decades of experience now powered by Ingram, the world’s largest and most efficient distribution network.

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The scale and infrastructure publishers need to compete in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

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We don’t succeed unless you succeed.

Your strength lies in our team’s tenacious approach to finding the best path to success. While every independent publisher’s mission is to sell more books into the marketplace, we go further to make sure you get results.

  • One of the largest and most experienced sales forces in the industry
  • Growth-focused technology built for the speed of modern publishing
  • An expansive warehouse network keeps your customers close
  • Dedicated sales support from new release planning to organic marketing

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The Crying Book

The result is a book that fully imparts the power of tears... It tackles both the political power of tears... and the biology behind them. It is also a memoir about Christle's own experiences with grief, depression, and motherhood. Reading The Crying Book can be, like the act of crying, an emotional experience, a political experience, a scientific experience, or all at once. - Bustle Read More

Burn the Place

“Burn the Place” is a remarkable exploration of the form....Regan’s book unfolds in episodic snapshots, their chronology ricocheting like a pinball; the effect is less a life story than an exacting, often disquieting exercise in excavating the self." - The New Yorker Read More

The Revisioners

Sexton’s writing is clear and uncluttered, the dialogue authentic, with all the cadences of real speech....The Revisioners also reminds us that though you may share blood, there are also connections deeper and more powerful than blood, connections that turn a collection of individuals into a community, and will forever be more significant than any bond that’s merely skin deep." - The New York Times Read More

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