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The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn (Tanglewood)

"The Kissing Hand, which is arguably the top book parents use to prepare their children for preschool and kindergarten, is deeply nurturing and perfectly suited for puppetry. Now more than ever, we believe children need the stories of Chester Raccoon and his Mama to encourage them to adventure in the world while still maintaining the loving connection of family and friends." - Halle Stanford, President of Television for The Jim Henson Company Read More

Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufmann (Oneworld)

"Seeking to overturn the common assumption that there were no black communities in Britain before Caribbean immigration after the Second World War, Kaufmann presents characters such as John Blanke, a trumpeter at the court of Henry VIII, and Reasonable Blackman, a London silk weaver who lost two children in the plague of 1592." - The New Yorker
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Downdrift by Johanna Drucker (Three Rooms Press)

“Laughing or crying, Drucker skewers the current cultural moment in a novel extrapolation of epic proportions. Taken to the furthest extreme, DOWNDRIFT is dogged by an urgent need to understand the difference between the domestic and the wild, measure it, and recalibrate its implications for survival.” - Foreword Reviews Read More

Grains of Sand by Sibylle Delacroix (Owlkids Books)

"Rather than offering loud screaming colors and mouths drawn like gaping maws of displeasure, Delacroix shows readers a quieter examination, turning frustration into whimsy....Delacroix's idyll allows young readers to discover new, exciting surprises in the pictures again and again upon second, third, and 33rd readings—as captivating as an ocean breeze and soothing as a hug." - Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews Read More

Last Ferry Home by Kent Harrington (Polis Books)

"A haunting tale of loss...San Francisco native Harrington uses his trademark narrative jumps to heighten the suspense in this long-awaited return to his dark hometown turf." - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) Read More

Rubik by Elizabeth Tan (Unnamed Press)

"The disorienting effect of accreting, repeating details and unanswered questions makes the final cohesion of Tan’s only slightly fantastical Perth even more delicious. Tan’s careful layering and nuanced craft will gain a strong following among fans of experimental narratives." - Publishers Weekly Read More

The Funeral by Matt James (Groundwood)

"James’s mixed-media spreads make the gravity of the occasion a backdrop for Norma’s liveliness...It’s more a story about Norma that happens to involve a funeral, and it traces with a big heart the way she makes sense of this puzzling event." - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

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