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Curse of Bigness

"Wu deftly traverses the realms of policy talk, legal writing, and economic history to offer his views on America’s competition predicament." - National Review Read More

Late Migrations

"What enraptures me is the way the book itself unfurls, moving back and forth across time, from metaphor to story to truth." - The Rumpus Read More

Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast

"With its softly detailed, virtuoso art and a perfectly wrought story full of heart and respect for the imaginative rules of children’s play, this debut shines." - The New York Times Read More

No Friend of the Mountain

"No Friend but the Mountains won two prestigious prizes at the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. But it deserves, and will have, a much wider readership. As a detailed reading of colonial power, Boochani’s book charts a global landscape of fortified borders, spaces of removal, and policies of dehumanization." - Los Angeles Review of Books Read More


"The recipes are accompanied by attractive color photographs and occasional serving suggestions. Old and new dishes are transformed; Avocado pesto toast, naan pizza with fig and jalapeño pesto..." - Booklist Read More

The Cuban Comedy

"A bleak fable that honors the poetic spirit, recognizing lyricism and metaphor as dangerous tools of defiance." - Kirkus Review Read More

Then It Fell Apart

"This well-written memoir of a man’s search for contentment astutely reveals the sharp rises and the steep descents of fame." - Publishers Weekly Read More