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Publishers Group Worldwide® (PGW) offers premier book distribution services in all major bookselling markets around the world. This international sales group current represents a variety of client publishers from Publishers Group West®, Perseus Distribution, and Consortium Book Sales Distribution, including some international – only clients (for a complete list of clients represented internationally, see link below). PGW® is a leading vendor of books and provides entrée and market feedback rivaling that of the major global publishers. As with domestic distribution, PGW warehouses international clients’ titles, invoices and collects, and pays the publisher the sales revenue, less returns and distribution fees.

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For General International Inquiries, Please Contact:
Meredith Greenhouse
Vice President of International Sales
Publishers Group Worldwide
250 West 57th St, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10107
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The list of publishers represented by the organization presents a wide variety of commercial trade subjects and genres, including literary fiction, serious nonfiction, self-help, children’s books, illustrated books, computer titles, new age and natural health, travel, business, gay and lesbian interest, and pop and counter-culture, as well as audio books.

Publishers Group Worldwide interacts continuously with its client publishers. This has created a networked approach to publisher and market relations, and has led to a high order of coordination not only with its client publishers and customers, but also within the organization itself. Client publishers can access feedback on everything from marketing, title positioning, and publishing to inventory management and global distribution. In addition, PGW offers state-of-the-art Web-based reporting, and title information management solutions.