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It Starts from the Belly and Blooms

Thomas Fucaloro

Feb 2014


Trade Paper

$15.00 US
($16.50 CAN)
978-0-9895125-4-1 | 9780989512541
0-9895125-4-1 | 0989512541

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Spring 2014

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Published by Three Rooms Press

A strong dose of Bukowski, Breaking Bad, and brilliance. Intense and gripping, with splashes of outlandish humor, it is a full frontal assault on the challenges of modern life for outsiders. As award-winning poet Mark Bibbins raves, "Thomas Fucaloro is here and he is showing you his big messy heart. (Actually, if you’re looking for other body parts, you’ll find most of them in this book.). Poet Corrina Bain (louderARTS project) applauds the work: "It Starts from the Belly and Blooms dives facefirst into the glory and wildness of life, combining fearless authenticity, humor, and a gut-punching ear for images. All the reader can do is hope that Fucaloro be accorded what he deserves: a lasting mark on the face of American poetics." Thomas Fucaloro is an NYC poet and editor for Great Weather for Media. His first book, Inheriting Craziness is Like a Soft Halo of Light was released on Three Rooms Press in 2010 to rave reviews.  He has been on two National Slam Teams and is currently an MFA student in creative writing at the New School.